When the Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps receives a call for help, they respond. Their job is to bring many of the services of a hospital emergency room right to the scene of the call, and that is what they train for every day. Last year, SVAC handled more calls than ever before, with no direct financial support from the village or county, relying only on fees paid for services and on the generous contributions from townspeople, like you.

Without the community’s support, our village would have to rely on a commercial ambulance service. While these commercial services provide excellent care, they could not afford to keep two Advanced Life Support ambulances dedicated to Scarsdale and the surrounding community. To assure that our community has the highest level of care available, SVAC has a paid Paramedic every minute of every day. With our Paramedics, volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians and support crew our residents can be confident that help will arrive quickly.

Even though our organization is comprised of primarily volunteers we do have significant operating expenses. The cost of salaries, insurance, vehicle maintenance, training, and community outreach are significant. We need your support!


We're proud to support our community, one that understands the benefit of a well trained and properly supplied volunteer non-profit ambulance service corps. Every EMT and Paramedic undergoes rigorous retraining throughout the year to ensure that the latest techniques and methods are well understood and applied. Your volunteers donate their own time attending training courses and responding to daily emergencies. They do their part and now it is up to you to provide the funding to make their job possible.

Our new headquarters building and training facility allows SVAC to reach directly to the community. SVAC volunteers conduct CPR classes throughout the year. Last year, over 100 members from our surrounding area received their CPR certification. The SVAC training facility is also used to train 25 new Emergency Medical Technicians every year. Help us keep community outreach at the forefront of our mission.

You may donate using Paypal, your credit card by clicking the donate button at the top of this page, or mail a check to:

P.O. Box 92
Scarsdale, NY 10583