Fast, convenient testing without exiting your vehicle

SVAC provides COVID-19 testing at its Weaver Street headquarters. There are two types of tests administered based on your reason for testing.

Rapid Antigen Test
Antigen tests look for specific proteins on the surface of the virus and returns results within a few minutes. It is useful for people not showing symptoms or requiring an advanced test. This test is not currently being administered by SVAC
Molecular (PCR) Test
Molecular tests detect the presence of viral genetic material in the sample using PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Results are obtained within approximately 15 minutes. We take appointments for those requiring a molecular test or showing symptoms.
If you have any questions, please review our FAQ below. If you still have questions, please email us at, or call (914) 722-2288, but note that due to the volume of testing, we will refer you to the FAQ for questions already answered there.

Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, use our online appointment portal. If you do not see the date/time you like, please check back as we add new slots regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our schedule is set based on the availability of our staff, the number of machines we have to conduct our tests, and supply availability. Slots may become available due to cancellations or if we are able to secure additional staff. You should check back regularly to see if a convenient time becomes available.

If you cannot find a time that works at our facility, there are several urgent care centers that can provide tests as well.

We do not utilize a waitlist as we have very few cancellations that would require it. However, should somebody cancel, you will see the availability immediately on our website.

We do not accept walk-ins. If you do not have an appointment, including an additional unregistered person in a vehicle with somebody who does have an appointment, you will not be tested.

You can only reschedule to a time that is currently available. To do so, simply search for the email confirmation you received when you initially created your appointment, and click the link to reschedule. We cannot move you to a time that is already booked for reasons previously mentioned.

We cannot reschedule the appointmment for you, nor will moving the calendar invite automatically reschedule you. You must follow the instructions above and click the reschedule link to choose a new time.

You can cancel your appointment up to one hour prior to your appointment time and receive a full refund by searching for the email confirmation you received when you initially created your appointment, and click the link to cancel.

Emailing us to cancel the appointment for you will not trigger a refund, nor will declining the calendar invite that gets generated. You must follow the instructions above and click the cancel button to properly cancel your appointment.

We do not accept insurance for our COVID tests. However, we can provide you an invoice that can be used by you for submission to your insurance carrier.

It is not. There are costs associated with the testing we are performing including the test kits, redundant testing equipment, and supporting labor and insurance fees. Direct donations are our primary method of funding the essential services of our ambulance corps and, without those donations, we could not even offer this service. If you value the convenience of having SVAC provide COVID-19 testing and vaccination services, please consider making a direct donation here. Thank you.

Due to national shortages of antigen tests, we can no longer secure future supply. Once the supply chain has recovered, we will offer the service again. Those who already have tests scheduled will still receive the test they purchased as we have allocated antigen tests for currently secured reservations.

The answer depends on your travel destination and carrier. Destinations that require an RT-PCR test will not accept our results. In addition, destinations that refuse "rapid PCR tests" will also not accept our results. While a large number of our patients have successfully used our tests for travel, you should check with your carrier to determine if it meets their requirements as we cannot answer that question for you.

When you enter our parking lot, you will see a large sign designating parking spots for COVID testing. After parking, stay in your car and follow the instructions on the sign for letting us know you have arrived. Our staff will ask for your name, time of your appointment, and your parking spot number. Typically within five minutes, our technician will meet you at your vehicle and perform a nasal swab. Results are typically emailed to you in 20-60 minutes depending on how busy we are.

You do not need to stay in our parking lot until the results are emailed to you. You are free to leave as soon as the swab is complete. In the unlikely event there is an issue with the test itself, we will call you and request you return for a new swab. However, this is extremely rare.